The New New Hawaiian Dick Plan

So, due to some complications with HAWAIIAN DICK #6, I think we’ll be juggling plans for the book, and moving a plan for the future up a bit.

Steven Griffins original cover to HD #6

Steven Griffin's original cover to HD #6

Jason Armstrong (FERRO CITY, LOBSTER JOHNSON) drew the lead story in issue six, and is finishing up what was to have been the (unsolicited) issue seven. Since issue six is basically a stand alone story, and issue seven kicks off some new directions for some old characters, I think what we’ll be doing now is combining the two issues into the first HAWAIIAN DICK SPECIAL. Assuming it’s cool with Image and Eric Stephenson, summer 2009 will see the 48-page HAWAIIAN DICK SUMMER SPECIAL (HD #13 for those keeping close tabs), with two Jason Armstrong stories, some backup features, and assorted ephemera.

Jason Armstrongs Dick

Jason Armstrong's Dick

We’ll have to resolicit the third trade and add a few pages, but at this point that’s probably the best option.

The third trade cover

The third trade cover


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3 responses to “The New New Hawaiian Dick Plan

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  2. Arnold G.

    I can’t wait for Hawaiian Dick Special, glad to hear there is a plan to release it. P.S. when is The Shift going to be concluded? is it gonna be on the trade? and is Hawaiian Dick (vol.3) still an on-going.

    • bclaymoore

      Steven is working on wrapping up the Shift. If it doesn’t make it into this special, it should make it into the next one, and into a trade.

      The “ongoing” plan has been amended to this new concept in order to make sure (finally) that we’re not running into more delays. The next special is being plotted now.

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