New Word Balloon Interview

Billy Smoke Header

John Siuntres interviewed me over the holidays. We discuss Billy Smoke, working with Hollywood, the Bendis/Kirkman “debate,” and my upcoming projects. Give a listen:


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2 responses to “New Word Balloon Interview

  1. Good interview! You sound less bothered than usual 🙂

  2. Yeah, I really enjoyed the “debate” part, probably because you and I have the same view of the this Kirkman/Bendis issue. Also, it was good to hear that you and Eric have already garnered the, how would you put it? Success? Notoriety? that you have on Billy Smoke. Another project I have to pick up, not only because I enjoy your writing, but also I love Eric’s art! (The concept sounds swell, also!)

    I haven’t been to a lot of shows lately, but hopefully I’ll be able to hit the cons again this year… so maybe I’ll see you around!


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