New York

Finally getting truly settled after New York, so time for a very brief recap.

Haun and I got into the city on Wednesday and trudged twenty blocks to the DC offices, where we lunched with the Bat Mikes (Marts and Siglain) and Janelle Siegel. And it’s not all that easy to eat a turkey burger with a frozen face. Anyway, those are good folks, and it was nice to relax a bit before the comic mafia fully invaded the city.

Abernathy's not crazy about the hugging. Haun and Cully Bunn behind.

Abernathy's not crazy about the hugging. Haun and Cully Bunn behind.

Cam Stew, Ramon Perez and Karl Kerschel join the party.

Cam Stew, Ramon Perez and Karl Kerschel join the party.

Thursday night saw the arrival of Cullen Bunn, with whom we had drinks with some of the WildStorm guys, and bounced around the city. Also joining us were Canadian artistes Ramon Perez, Karl Kerschel, Andy B. and Cameron Stewart. Great talents and great guys. Ran into old Image pal Jade Dodge later, and then bumped into Image alumnus Jonathan Hickman with Jeff Parker and C.B. Cebulski at the Irish Rogue. That basically set the tone for a rather relaxed weekend of catching up with friends, publishers and editors, and meeting some great folks for the first time.

Fat and bleary BCM with the ever-charming Pat Loika

I don’t want to turn this into a rambling list of people I ran into, but one reason cons like this mean so much to me is because I get to hang out with people I genuinely like. There are some people in comics who toss friends aside as they work on climbing some invisible ladder that exists only in their head, but hanging with Jason Latour, Sean Crystal, Mike Norton, Tim Seeley, the Canadians (including Eric Kim and Kalman Andrasofsky), Haun, Bunn, Jen Simmons, the iFanboy guys, Andrew Robinson, Nathan Fox, Eric Stephenson, Filip Sablik, Jason Aaron, Janelle and Lucas Siegel, and so on…makes me realize how much I enjoy the people in this industry. And it’s also cool to go to the DC party and bump into guys you’ve known for years, kicking ass across the board.

I would have been glad to share some pictures with everyone, but Jeremy lost his camera in a pizzeria Thursday night and remarkably, no one turned it in… The only shot I managed to salvage was this one of Jeremy waltzing down 34th Street (or thereabouts). Luckily, the hat was lost with the camera:


Projects? Mainly updating the status of current projects with publishers, but I did get to talk to a few people about new and upcoming stuff. Ramon and I pow-wowed a bit about this crime thing we’re working on, Nathan Fox and I kicked around a great idea he has, and Latour and I even managed to sneak some Steel City Hawk talk in while meandering the con floor.


Eric Kim, swiped from Charlie Chu's Flickr page

On Sunday Billy Smoke artist Eric Kim and I sat down with Oni honcho James Lucas Jones and plotted out the book’s future. At this point we’re angling for an April, 2010 release, perhaps to coincide with Reid’s new Chicago show. Eric has already laid down some terrific layouts, and the weekend recharged my batteries.

Good trip. Next up for me: Hurleycon (I think) and KC’s Planet Comicon in March, followed by the FX Show in Orlando in mid April.


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