The Black Kite

Back in 2004 or 2005, Ramon Perez and I kicked around doing a dark superhero book that would also work to take some of the air out of the “dark” superhero wave of the day (which has since pretty much conquered the industry). Drawing from BATTLE HYMN and a short story/prelude I was supposed to write for a DIGITAL WEBBING PRESENTS “all star issue,” Ramon and I worked up some concepts and I scripted the first issue.

As happens sometimes, things fell through the cracks. A few of the characters were absorbed into THE STEEL CITY HAWK, a book Jason Latour and I have slowly been putting together, and some of them are twisting in the wind, looking for the right home.

But I still quite like the first script, and I still have some of the concept art lying around, so I thought I’d post it here as an example of one that almost made it before we got distracted by other things. If there are any young, bored, or aspiring artists looking for practice/sample scripts to work from, feel free to have at it. Who knows…maybe the book will find new life one day.

In any event, here’s the first full script (unedited from the last draft, written a few years ago). You’ll note that on a few pages there’s a distinct lack of “stage direction.” That’s because I knew Ramon was drawing the book, and I knew he’d find interesting ways to tell the story without me holding his hand:


And here are some character designs. First up is the Black Kite herself. This particular take is by Jason Latour, and it’s pretty much the finished design:

A couple of takes on the National here. Ramon’s initial take, which incorporates my concept of shields that pop from his forearms, and the first take by Jason Latour, who I’m still debating the shields with. I like ’em.

I’d like to do something with the National beyond his planned appearance in STEEL CITY HAWK:

Here’s Ramon’s take on the Communicator, which is perfect. His suit lets him fly and observe, but his main role is watching and…communicating:

Oh! And…yeah. The Mid-Nite Hour. He’s the star of BATTLE HYMN, but in case you haven’t read that gem. Here’s the Hour by Jeremy Haun (he’s on the left…I pinched this from an old Rotten Tomatoes review I found):

So, yeah. That’s the deal. I was surprised how much I enjoyed rereading this script, a few years down the road. Kind of wish we’d gotten it done.

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