Top Ten Beatles hits, post break-up

This is really not what I intended to do with this blog, but for fuck’s sake, I’m dealing with Ringo doubters!

Here is a list of top ten songs by the Beatles, both solo and together, after their break-up. I say “songs” instead of singles, because George’s “My Sweet Lord/Isn’t It a Pity” single charted as a double A-sided hit. So both songs went to number one on the charts.

Here you go. In roughly chronological order, with chart position listed after. This is the last time I’m doing this, so pay attention!:


Isn’t It a Pity by George (1970) #1

My Sweet Lord by George (1970) #1

Instant Karma (We All Shine On) by John (1970) #3



It Don’t Come Easy by Ringo (1971) #4

What Is Life by George (1971) #10

Another Day by Paul (1971) #5

Happy X-Mas (War Is Over) by John (and Yoko) (1971) #3

Uncle Albert/Admiral Halsey by Paul (and Linda) (1971) #1



Back Off Boogaloo by Ringo (1972) #9



My Love by Paul (and Wings) (1973) #1

Give Me Love by George (1973) #1

Imagine  by John (1973) #3

Live and Let Die by Paul (and Wings) (1973) #2

Photograph  by Ringo (1973) #1



Oh My My by Ringo (1974) #5

Whatever Gets You Through the Night by John (and Elton John) (1974) #1

Helen Wheels by Paul (and Wings) (1974) #10

You’re Sixteen (by Ringo) (1974)  #1

Band on the Run by Paul (and Wings) (1974) #1

Jet by Paul (and Wings) (1974) #7



Listen to What the Man Said by Paul (and Wings) (1975) #1

#9 Dream by John (1975) #9

Only You by Ringo (1975) #6

Junior’s Farm by Paul (and Wings) (1975) #3

No No Song by Ringo (1975) #3

Snookeroo by Ringo (1975) #3



Let ‘Em In by Paul (and Wings) (1976) #3

Got to Get You Into My Life by the Beatles (1976) #7

Silly Love Songs by Paul (and Wings) (1976) #1



Maybe I’m Amazed (live) by Paul (and Wings) (1977) #10



With a Little Luck by Paul (and Wings) (1978) #1



Goodnight Tonight by Paul (and Wings) (1979) #5



Coming Up (live) by Paul (and Wings) (1980) #1

(Just Like) Starting Over by John (1980) #1



Woman by John (1981) #2

Watching the Wheels by John (1981) #10

All Those Years Ago by George (1981) #2



Ebony and Ivory by Paul (and Stevie Wonder) (1982) #1



The Girl Is Mine by Paul (and Michael Jackson) (1983) #2

Say Say Say by Paul (and Michael Jackson) (1983) #1



Nobody Told Me by John (1984) #5

No More Lonely Nights by Paul (1984) #6



Spies Like Us by Paul (1985) #7



Got My Mind Set On You by George (1987) #1



Free As a Bird by the Beatles (1995) #6




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2 responses to “Top Ten Beatles hits, post break-up

  1. Hey, for my money, 1973’s Ringo is as good an album as anything the other three released. Of course, it helped that the other three had a hand in…

  2. Good stuff. Gotta pass this on to my Beatles-loving kids.

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