Battle Hymn Italiano

Found a curious listing for Italian editions of BATTLE HYMN, evidently published (or at least solicited) by Italy Comics in 2008. What’s especially odd about these is that it looks as if the series was re-issued as a series of single issues. Normally foreign reprints (at least in my experience) are trade collections (or albums).

It also looks as if they used Tony Moore’s cover for BATTLE HYMN #5 as a special variant for the first issue, and then used Jeremy’s cover for the trade as the cover for issue five.

I pulled these images off the Italy Comics website. If anyone has seen these, let me know. I’m not concerned about it, as it’s always nice to see your work exposed to new audiences, but I’m curious how they look:

Here’s a link to the site:

Italycomics srl


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4 responses to “Battle Hymn Italiano

  1. Bravo! More readers of Battle Hymn is always good news.

  2. now does this mean that the #4 reprint will have the backup that Ethan Slayton and I kicked ass on? Congratulazioni per la pubblicazione della vostra striscia fumetto il italiano!

  3. Rad!!! Congrats to you, B. Clay!!!

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