FX in the rearview mirror

Swiping some pics from the FX Show that other people have posted other places. Pictures swiped from Jess (FindMew) and Kris Archibald’s Facebook pages:


Leaning on Haun with Latour in the center. Lorenzo from Lawrence on the left. Dave Johnson’s finger on display.


Hanging out at the Drink N Draw with Ron Salas, Word Balloon’s John Siuntres, Hickman, Haun and Peck.


On a Friday afternoon panel with old pals Ivan Brandon and Seth Peck. Mainly we talked about vikings.


At some sports bar late on Saturday night, with Ben Templesmith, Jonathan Hickman, Latour and Andy McDonald. I’m fairly positive I almost got stabbed in the bathroom that night.


Giving Hickman and Ben my opinion just before last call.


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2 responses to “FX in the rearview mirror

  1. jes

    love the fourth photo of you

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