Windy City Comicon is this weekend

And I’ll be there! Windy City details can be found here:

We’ll start out on Friday night with the preview party/informal signing at Challengers Comics in Chicago:

Make with the clicks for Pre-Party info!

I’ll also be participating in a panel called “Getting it Write” (get it?), along with Sean McKeever and Will Pfeiffer at 2:00 on Saturday.

Here’s what I’ll have copies of for sale (autographed! at a discount!), for those of you who can make it:

I’ll also try to have single issues of the third HAWAIIAN DICK series and ’76. Should also have a few copies of the Boom! PULP TALES anthology that introduced BLUEJACKET (by myself, Seth Peck and Chris Samnee), and perhaps some of my DC odds and ends.

I’ll be heading up with Alex Grecian (PROOF), Kevin Mellon (GEARHEAD, THIRTEEN STEPS, HACK/SLASH, THE ATHEIST, COMIC BOOK TATTOO, THIS IS A SOUVENIR, and the upcoming CUPID and SUICIDE SISTERS) and Dennis Hopeless (GEARHEAD and the upcoming CUPID and STORM DAMAGE).

Gearhead (Arcana Comics): Artist/Co-Creator
Cupid (Coming in 2010, AiT-PlanetLar): Artist/Co-Creator
Suicide Sisters (Coming in 2010, APE Entertainment): Writer/Artist/Creator
Thirteen Steps (Desperado): Artist
Hack/Slash (Devil’s Due Productions): Artist
The Atheist Vol. 2 (Desperado): Artist
Comic Book Tattoo (Image): Artist
This Is A Souvenir (Image): Artist

If you’re near Chicago on Saturday, please drop on by!

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