And now it’s 2010…

I’ve decided to use this space as more of a work blog in 2010, sharing previews, information on books, thoughts on the industry, links to fun stuff.

I’ve got a Tumblr account that’s a better place to toss up the music recommendations and graphics from the past that tend to grab my attention. Not much more deep than that, but you might enjoy strolling through:

It occurs to me that my publishing presence waned over the last half of 2009, but that’s not through a lack of work or effort. For 2010, I’ve rededicated myself to focusing on original concepts with brilliant collaborators, and that’s a lot harder to manage than it may seem. It’s also a lot of work. But I’ll be previewing some new hints and glimpses here when I have the time, so I hope you stick around.

Not to say I’ve turned my back on work-for-hire. I’m juggling things from both sides now, and also spending much more time in other media. I had some of my best experiences over the past couple of years working on company owned projects with terrific editors, and plan to keep that a regular part of my work stream.

Anyway, just a statement of purpose for what I hope is a very solid new year. So have part of a stray image from a book I’ve been planning with Hatuey Diaz, whose potential is off the charts:


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