Dragon Dick!

Been sitting on this cover for a while, but decided it might be fun to flash it, even though we’re still a few months away from the book’s release.

Steven Griffin cooked up this homage to Erik Larsen’s now classic Obama cover as a possible alternate cover for the upcoming GREAT BIG HAWAIIAN DICK #1. Since Erik posted his original on the Image boards, I thought I’d drag them both over here:


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4 responses to “Dragon Dick!

  1. Peter Velez

    Ha! This looks like it’ll be fun

  2. That’s cool. I remember you mentioning this at last years’s planet comicon… please tell me this will be out by this years con, I’d love to get it signed.

    Best! -Jeff

  3. Adam Mace

    Hey Clay. How many pages is this going to be? And was Screaming Black Thunder ever finished?

  4. bclaymoore

    Adam –

    We’re probably looking at 48 or 64 pages on this one. We’ve got several people working on stories.

    And, yes, Screaming Black Thunder ran five issues, and the lead story was wrapped up. Steven’s backup still has one more chapter left.


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