Planet Comicon Pics

Just a few snaps from behind the table this weekend at another great Planet Comicon.

Matt Kindt and Brian Hurtt. And Catwoman.

Kyle Strahm and Dennis Hopeless.

Jason Aaron chats with a retailer.

Steven Sanders and Dan Spottswood.

Alex Grecian’s son Graham.

Jeremy Haun draws Deadpool.


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3 responses to “Planet Comicon Pics

  1. Hey, Clay. Glad to talk to you again at the Con. Looking forward to diving into Battle Hymn. But I’m reminded that I had wanted to pick up a copy of The Leading Man. For that matter, I’m really interested in Billy Smoke and Casey Blue. How and when can I get my grubby paws on one of those?

    In other news, I’ve posted a recap of my experience at the Con over at my own blog ( I’m happy to say I have a renewed sense of purpose when it comes to “Yellow.” If I’m going to continue it on my own, the simple fact is that I have to improve my drawings. And right now it looks like I’ll have to continue it on my own. My goal is to have a table at the show next year and have a few more issues to pimp out. Maybe when Matthew Fox is done with your project, I can lure him over to mine… Ha!

    Well take care. See you around, and good luck.

    Bobby B.

    • bclaymoore

      I had Casey Blue at the show, but sold all of my copies of the Leading Man. Billy Smoke is still a bit down the road, alas.

      Good to see you, too, Bobby. Keep fighting the good fight.


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