C2E2 and the Whistling Skull

Back from C2E2, and I had a great time. Such a great gathering of pros, and so many cool readers eager to chat. I could run off a list of people I ran into and enjoyed seeing, but it would take up half the day. High points included putting my head together with Ben Abernathy and Tony Harris (including dinner with Tony’s lovely bride, Stacie), as we kicked around long range plans for THE FURTHER ADVENTURES OF THE WHISTLING SKULL, which I announced at the WildStorm panel on Saturday:

Tony and I chatted with Comic Book Resources about the book here:


I drove up and back with Jeremy Haun, and along the way we solidified plans for the BATTLE HYMN sequel. Initially, Jeremy was just going to assist in plotting while Steven Gordon and Ben Passmore handled the art. Well…we’ve changed that plan a bit. Steven and Ben will still produce a kick-ass Mid-Nite Hour book, but our plans for the sequel proper have grown to include a more active role for Jeremy. More on that down the road.

Jeremy using Ivan Brandon’s VIKING hardcover as a drawing table.

As long as we’re talking projects, Jason Latour and I discussed our plans for THE STEEL CITY HAWK, which is something we’ve been cooking up for years. Jason has taken our plotting sessions and a rough first script I wrote and expanded it into an initial arc. Our ambitious goal is to create a lengthy franchise with this one.

Anyway…great weekend. If you stayed away for some reason this year, make sure you hit it next year. It’s comic book focused, and very well laid out, and there were countless pros on hand just looking for people to chat with.



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5 responses to “C2E2 and the Whistling Skull

  1. Sounds like a lot of fun. Wish I could’ve gone.

    You must be an incredibly busy man with all those projects in the works. I wish I could be that busy doing something so cool. (But I’m sure it’s not all fun and games…is it?)

    Anyway, cheers! I’d better go work on my own stuff for a while instead of reading about other people’s.

  2. Adam Mace

    Hey Clay. Nice to finally see what your doing with Tony. It looks crazy awesome. And the little tidbit about Steel City Hawk got me pumped as well. I remember seeing something about this a long time ago (might’ve been on your Image forum) and I’ve been eagerly awaiting it. Do you think you’ll EVER do anything with the Black Kite? For some odd reason I had the script of the first issue, you must’ve posted it somewhere. It was so cool and the ending was great. I read Battle Hymn so it made it even cooler.

    • bclaymoore

      The Black Kite is scheduled to appear in Steel City Hawk.

      Man, I’m not even sure I have a copy of the first (and only) Black Kite script.

  3. I had a great time too. Thanks for letting “the wife” throw her two cents in.

  4. Oh and I didn’t realize that someone got some pics of me in that spaceship. THat test drive was swell!

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