Love in Tights

Googling for news of a book I wrote that hasn’t been “announced” yet, I stumbled across this ancient review of an early issue of LOVE IN TIGHTS, the very first thing I ever did in comics:

Love In Tights Anniversary #1 (Slave Labor Graphics). This anthology title presents five short stories of love among costumed adventurers. The first story, ‘Triangle,’ takes place in 1948. Dan Durham, aka The Mid-Nite Hour, is deeply in love with Julie Benton. But can he give up his nightly crusade against crime for love? In another story, Fruit-Bat and Swallow the Teen Sidekick have been taken prisoner by the Choker, who recently broke up with his boyfriend and so is in quite a foul mood. Plucky the Fearless Boy and Kid Viking are nervously preparing for their first date while, a few pages over, Sister Singe has some bad news for her husband, Moses Mayhem.

I love Love in Tights. The series is just the right mixture of tragedy and comedy, high jinks and action; some stories are quite serious, while others are sheer fun. The artistic and writing styles vary widely. For instance, B. Clay Moore and Kalman Andrasofsky’s tale of The Mid-Nite Hour is fairly straight-forward, while Josh Blaylock’s ‘For Your Own Medicine’ features the zoomorphic Penguin Brothers. Mickey White’s Plucky and Kid Viking are absolutely adorable, while Ted Tucker’s Sister Singe is quite beautiful.

If you are looking for off-beat and/or realistic stories about love among costumed crime fighters, pick up an issue of Love in Tights. Fair warning, however: the humor can be quite raunchy. And, unfortunately, you will either have to dig through the back issue bins or order copies directly from Slave Labor Graphics. The series has been discontinued.


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