DOC SAVAGE #5 in August (order now!)

So, I was recently asked to handle a quick fill-in on DC’s DOC SAVAGE, and since the book has already been solicited, I thought I’d give a heads-up to anyone who cares.

DOC SAVAGE #5 is in the current PREVIEWS, for an August release. I’ve included the original cover (by JG Jones, one of my favorite people in comics), but the “new” cover will probably look a bit different. The book was originally solicited with Paul Malmont scripting. I stepped in and wrote a stand alone story (loosely linked to events in the book), featuring Doc and his crew running into some strange happenings on a ship off the coast of Greece. Art will be handled by the regular team of Howard Porter and Art Thibert.

Obviously, it was lots of fun to be involved in the First Wave universe, and I’m hopeful it won’t be the last time I get to do so (Blackhawks, anyone?).

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