Fuck you, Ben Stein

Ben Stein: “The people who have been laid off and cannot find work are generally people with poor work habits and poor personalities.” 

Jesus Christ. Seriously, Ben? Does anyone need more proof that some of these sons of bitches are so entrenched in their ivory towers that they have zero ability to connect with actual flesh and blood human beings? To bastards like Ben Stein the average person is an abstract concept. Real human existence is beyond their comprehension, and dismissing a massive chunk of the population with one casual swipe of an entitled hand is no more difficult than firing a pool cleaner.

I’m very close to abandoning all public discussion of politics, but this level of insensitivity was too much for me to ignore. Fuck, you, Ben Stein. All of your notoriety stems from your ability to channel a lack of personality in one fondly remembered slice of 80s nostalgia. Your background as an economist impresses no one, and when you’re sitting in the Screen Actors Retirement Village, the staff will only accommodate your desire for a second prune danish if you agree to cut through your dementia long enough to mutter “Bueller? Bueller?”

That’s your legacy. One line in one movie. And it’s afforded you enough attention to allow you to parade your ignorance and insensitivity in front of every bored American clicking through AOL’s “news” items on a humid Tuesday evening.

Fuck you.


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4 responses to “Fuck you, Ben Stein

  1. Bra-bloody-vo. What a monotone twat. I don’t know that it’s necessarily because of his position, though. It seems to me to be a notion he had and spouted off without having even considered checking the validity. I hear similar crap from non-worldly types every day, but I doubt even they’d say these things in public.

  2. Doug

    The sad part of the unemployment is that it wont go away soon…

    Unfortunately many good jobs have been shipped out the country and wont return. I feel bad for young people that want to work, but the only jobs that are available are at $10.00 per hour and those are hard to get if you dont have a HS diploma.

  3. Michael

    True story:

    Ben stein was at an airport and saw my younger- and lovely sister. He confronted her and they got to talking about her college aspirations. Then instead of sitting in first class during the flight (that they were both on) he came back to the coach seats and sat with my sister, Julie.

    After a long talk during the flight he exchanged emails with my sister.

    Couple days later, an extremely perverse email came to her email saying how would she like to date an older man whos a celebrity, and he basically was trying to use his fame to (swoo) her into some kind of affair, AND hes a married man, mind you.

    So I will also rally to the cry, fuck you ben stein. And you better hope that I never meet you in person! Because you will be put on blast for being a scandalous pervert in front of the entire public. And if i am even given even one minute of fame, rest assured It will be to wreck your public image and make you just another old-pervert who needs to be put down.

    And your words will count for nothing.

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