The Influence Map

Shane White put out a challenge to create one of these bastards, so I did. There are several key influences I realize that I missed (Mad Magazine! The Chronicles of Narnia! Lloyd Alexander!), but it works (click for a large look):


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3 responses to “The Influence Map

  1. Templesmith

    I want to do one of these now!

  2. bclaymoore

    So do it! Seeing you here reminds me that I left off horror influences. James Whale, mainly. Also Hammer.

  3. Oliver


    We share some of those! Particularly the Comics related ones.

    I didn’t have the benefit of growing up with access to British or American TV and music. It was only in my early 20’s that I discovered awesome things like Monty Phyton, Letterman, The Smiths and Thin Lizzy.

    You see, I grew up in a third world country (Brazil), where the popular culture basically consists in recycled scraps from America’s pop culture. Sometimes It’s truly hideous. But if you have the drive and the will to dig deeper, you can find wonderful things, both national and foreign.

    If I had to make one of those I’d probably include Grant Morrison, Andy Diggle and you, sir.

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