November from Image: Hack/Slash Trailers

In an effort to help my pal Tim Seeley keep HACK/SLASH up and running in gruesome style, I wrote something for the second TRAILERS volume, solicited for November.

I’ve seen a few of the stories in this book, and I think you’ll love it, even if you’ve never read HACK/SLASH before:


64 PAGES / FC, $6.99

An all-star cast of comic creators donate ALL-NEW short tales of comicdom’s favorite slasher killers, and all of the proceeds go toward paying off previously stiffed artists! SCOTT ALLIE, J. TORRES, B. CLAY MOORE, GAIL SIMONE, TIM SEELEY and many others unite to tell HACK/SLASH stories—THEIR WAY—in a stand-alone volume that will never be collected in trade!

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