Into the digital breach

HAWAIIAN DICK: THE LAST RESORT just went up on Comixology:

Curious to see the response it gets. I’ve held off on digital distribution for a while with Dick and Battle Hymn, but they really should be available in all formats, so here we go…

Related, I’m working on an original digital concept with artist Ryan Browne (please look:, and details on that sucker should be released shortly.

I have an even bigger digital project in the hopper, but it’s way too early to discuss the details, provided they all fall properly into place…



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4 responses to “Into the digital breach

  1. Oh awesome. GHA was the first comic I covered in my (need to dust it off) column Webcomic Wednesday:

    Curious to see what you guys have cooking up.
    In the meantime, are you planning on releasing Dick on I like Comixology, but the majority of my digital comics reading is via’s desktop app.

    • bclaymoore

      at this point we’re only up here. We’ve reworked the original series a bit for digital and should be doing something with that soon.

  2. Clayton Richardson

    How’s that ongoing series concept for HD from back in 2008 working out for ya?

    • bclaymoore

      Actually, we finished the storyline (‘Screaming Black Thunder’) in five issues.

      Steven never finished his back-up, which made collecting it difficult, and I didn’t want to collect the lead story without the backup.

      The third issue in what will be the final six issue series set in Hawaii is being worked on now. We’ll solicit that when it’s done and collect them all when it’s over.

      Thanks for asking!

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