Antiquing in KC

A respite from work blogs.

Spent the day out and about with my wife, prowling through antique shops. I snapped shots of some bits and pieces.

Spotted this beautiful framed Italian movie poster in a Mission antique shop.

The same place featured this amazing fifties era bar. The top slid open, revealing storage and a pop-up tray with drink holders. If only I had $350 on hand…

Almost worth buying for the cover alone.

This lonely, ripped EL BOMBO comic was sitting on a display case.

Awesome early seventies(?) chess game (“Smess”). Great graphics and cool pieces. Spotted in Westport.

You’ve had dreams about naked babies and swans and boats, right? This was evidently a thing once upon a time, because the same shop had another naked babies and swans painting in a different setting.

I love this primarily because someone once had it hanging on a wall in a place they lived.

Awesome title. Colorful cover.

Requisite geek content. Scotty and Sulu hanging out in Independence.

This sucker was about four feet tall. Some kind of whacked-out store display for shoes, I suppose. The drumming clown looks so sad, though…

Creepy shit. She’s gonna eat that dog, and he knows it.

This fine artist had many such fine paintings stacked in a corner of a fine antique shop in Waldo.



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2 responses to “Antiquing in KC

  1. That Tom Swift Jr book really takes me down memory lane. I think I read the entire series as a kid and it got me interested in science fiction later on.

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