Tr!ckster at San Diego

So, after some recent positive news on a couple of fronts, I decided to commit fully to attending San Diego this year (I haven’t attended since 2008). And then I found out about Tr!ckster, and had an email exchange with the extraordinary Scott Morse, and my excitement doubled:

TR!CKSTER is a free venue, open to the public. We offer a retail space specializing in creator-owned work, a gallery, and a Symposia area. While the Symposia are ticketed events, the TR!CKSTER shop itself is open for business at no charge and will feature a fair-trade coffee station, a full bar, animation and live-action short film screenings, gallery receptions, artist signings, drawing events, DJs, and live music.

For those who haven’t been following news of Tr!ckster, I’d direct your attention to their website:

As anyone who knows me knows, I’m a huge supporter of creator-owned comics. I’m also a huge supporter of quality work-for-hire comics. The industry needs both to survive and thrive to be all it can be. So seeing the effort that Scott and his co-conspirators have put into this event is heartening and exciting, and I’ve pledged to be involved.

Should make for a special con season.

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  1. Just heard about this venue from Andy Kuhn. Sounds like a great idea, I’ll be sure to stop by.

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