Slingshots Full of Donkey Poo!

So, as you probably know, Tony Harris and I have been toiling for some time on our upcoming DC book, THE FURTHER ADVENTURES OF THE WHISTLING SKULL.

What you may not know is that we’ve also been kicking around a second concept. Something Tony first mentioned to me a couple of years back, but that we’ve only recently been getting relatively serious about. The concept is called BUFFALO MONK, and Tony detailed the early genesis of the idea, along with some or our brainstorming, over at his ART AND SKULDUGGERY BLOG (click the link!):


Included over there is this sheet of doodles and ideas that give you an idea of how Tony first conceived the concept:

So, Tony and I have decided to share some of the progress we make on our respective blogs. If I were you, I’d start by leaping over to his blog, because he covers much of the ground that’s led us to this point.

I will say that as crazy as the idea of a Silverback cowboy that rides a talking donkey and shoots poop with a slingshot might sound, the world Tony envisioned when he first floated the concept past me was almost immediately clear to me. And that’s really the key to making any new concept work: creating a world with rules that make sense, no matter how off the wall they seem.

With the world alive in my mind’s eye, it was easy to start contributing ideas and concepts that made “sense” in BUFFALO MONK‘s universe, and that’s when collaboration really gets fun. And Tony’s freewheeling conceptualizing is always contagious. He’ll come up with something completely out of left field, but that something usually carries with it some internal logic that relates to the fictional canvas on which  you’re painting.

So…I’m not sure how often we’ll be able to update our progress, but we’ll do our best to keep you in the loop while we build a new universe out of donkey poo and skinned buffalo.

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