Proof of Activity

Once again, I thought I’d share a few random glimpses of upcoming projects. The goal these days is to get books in the can prior to soliciting (or, in some cases, officially announcing) them.

So, here. Have some glimpses.

Billy Smoke, art by Eric Kim. From Oni Press.

The Further Adventures of the Whistling Skull, art by Tony Harris. Color by Dave McCaig. From DC Comics:

Aloha, Hawaiian Dick, art by Jake Wyatt. (including a cover glimpse!) From Image Comics, natch:

A Battle Hymn spin-off of sorts, with art by Ben Passmore and color by Erin Wilson:

And, last but not least, a digital Batman story, with art by Ben Templesmith:

See? I’ve been working.


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2 responses to “Proof of Activity

  1. Whistling Skull looks particularly good. Happy to see you still so active in comics.

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