This is something I’m excited about. The digital first (still available at Comixology, in three 99 cent chapters) Batman story that Ben Templesmith and I did for editor Ben Abernathy is being solicited in September for a November release:



Written by B. CLAY MOORE
Art and cover by BEN TEMPLESMITH
On sale NOVEMBER 7 • 40 pg, FC, $3.99 US • RATED T
• The first time in print for these digital first adventures!
• The Dark Knight battles some of his greatest foes in this oversized adventure!
• The Joker’s put a mind-bendingly nefarious plan into effect for the wealthy of Gotham City…

Ben Templesmith and I have been trying to find the right project to collaborate on for years, and to do it for the amazing Ben Abernathy was a pleasure. It’s an out of continuity, self-contained Batman story, and was extremely well-received. If you own yourself one of them iPads, I recommend you download it from Comixology. But if you want to hold the printed version in your own sweaty paws, tell your local comic shop, and look for it in early November.

And December will see the release of another DC project that’s been in the works just a wee bit longer.


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2 responses to “LEGENDS OF THE DARK KNIGHT #2 in November

  1. I’m going to grab one of these either way, double-down on the book as it were, and I feel like maybe that entitles me to some extra info: Are these going to be printed like a traditional comic or will it be landscape to more resemble the iPad? I just imagine that you guys went to great trouble laying them out for the format and a simple port to default could be strange.

    Hope it tops the Diamond listings for you two though, was a great read indeed.

    • bclaymoore

      It will be published in a traditional format. Ben did an amazing job of constructing pages so that they worked in both the landscape, iPad format, and the traditional format.

      And many thanks!

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