A Pair of BCM DC Digital Links

Most of the work I do for DC is of the licensed or “custom” variety, both of which I enjoy quite a bit. But two of my more recent “mainstream” DC stories are always available digitally. Both were a lot of fun to do, and both were exceptionally well received (I could link you to reviews, but that’s a lot of work), so here’s a handy link to both.

First is the “Crisis in Identity” Batman story, from LEGENDS OF THE DARK KNIGHT, with art by the astounding Ben Templesmith. Here’s a sample screen:

 Batman-Zone- 006

And here’s another:

The Dark Knight-Zone- 010

Here’s a link to the first digital issue (which ran in LOTDK 4-6):


(This story was also collected as a single issue in print, as LEGENDS OF THE DARK KNIGHT #2, and then into the first LOTDK trade paperback)


The second story (“Exposed”) appeared in ADVENTURES OF SUPERMAN #38-39, and dealt with perceptions of Superman, sort of. With fantastic art by Gabriel Rodriguez, and color by Alejandro Sanchez. Have a sample:


And another:

Adventures of Superman (2013-) 039-014

Here’s a link to the first digital issue:


(This story was collected as a single issue in print, as ADVENTURES OF SUPERMAN #13)

So feel free to give them a shot!



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