Upcoming Conventions and a General Update


We’ll see about New York Comic Con, but as of now I’m doing a couple of upcoming regional shows that might be fun.

On October 3rd, I’ll be in Lawrence, Kansas at Free State Comicon.

Check out the ridiculously great “cover” image by sleeping giant/Lawrence artist Wes Wedman:


And a bit further down the road, I’ll be at the Cedar Rapids Comic Con on February 16th next year. I spent the best years of my childhood in neighboring Mt. Vernon, Iowa, and look forward to a return trip.



The Cedar Rapids show should just about coincide with the release of ALOHA, HAWAIIAN DICK #1 (from Image Comics). As of now, I think we’re looking at a February release. Cover here by Sean Dove:


Interior art is by the amazing Jacob Wyatt:


And speaking of HAWAIIAN DICK…Keep those eyes peeled for news about a super special one-shot that will only be available via Kickstarter.


If you’re interested in the Hawaiian Dick mailing list, head this way:


In other news, I’m working on a couple of new work-for-hire projects at the moment, as well as a couple of long form original concepts. Hopefully all of them will drop in 2016.

So, you know. Watch this space.

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