Tucson Comic Con: Nov. 3-4

Tony Harris and I will both be at the Tucson Comic Con on November 3 and 4th, chatting up the WHISTLING SKULL, and whatnot. PLEASE drop by if you’re in the area!


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This is something I’m excited about. The digital first (still available at Comixology, in three 99 cent chapters) Batman story that Ben Templesmith and I did for editor Ben Abernathy is being solicited in September for a November release:



Written by B. CLAY MOORE
Art and cover by BEN TEMPLESMITH
On sale NOVEMBER 7 • 40 pg, FC, $3.99 US • RATED T
• The first time in print for these digital first adventures!
• The Dark Knight battles some of his greatest foes in this oversized adventure!
• The Joker’s put a mind-bendingly nefarious plan into effect for the wealthy of Gotham City…

Ben Templesmith and I have been trying to find the right project to collaborate on for years, and to do it for the amazing Ben Abernathy was a pleasure. It’s an out of continuity, self-contained Batman story, and was extremely well-received. If you own yourself one of them iPads, I recommend you download it from Comixology. But if you want to hold the printed version in your own sweaty paws, tell your local comic shop, and look for it in early November.

And December will see the release of another DC project that’s been in the works just a wee bit longer.


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Tr!ckster Symposia in San Diego

Heading to San Diego Thursday morning, and one of the things I’m most looking forward to is contributing to Tr!ckster once again. This year I’ll be participating in two separate writing symposia, one on Friday morning from ten to noon, and the other on Saturday. I’ll also surely be hanging out at Tr!ckster through much of the show.

Last year, these events were truly inspiring, with fantastic back and forth between enthusiastic creators and attendees.

This year we’ll be covering two topics that I’m passionate about:


CHARACTER DEVELOPMENT and the shaping of emotion

“Character” is often considered the core of storytelling. In the telling of finite tales we experience characters growing and learning before our eyes, changing world views and making life-altering decisions that resonate with us on a basic human level, while in episodic stories, it’s the characters that lay the consistent groundwork to help us explore new situations with a steady anchor. What makes “character” tick is a layering of designed, deliberate choices by a storyteller. Broad acting and charming dialogue are the product of what lies beneath the surface of any character: inner turmoil, unspoken hopes and dreams, and conflict.

Join a cadre of today’s top storytellers in this unique 2-hour discussion workshop designed to bolster the craft of creating unique characters from the ground up.

Participating storytellers include ED BRUBAKER (Fatale, Criminal), MATT WAGNER (Grendel, Mage), JIMMY PALMIOTTI (Creator-Owned Heroes, The Pro), B. CLAY MOORE (Hawaiian Dick), IVAN BRANDON (Viking, The Cross Bronx), SCOTT MORSE (Strange Science Fantasy, BRAVE), MARC ANDREYKO (Torso, The Lost), ANDE PARKS (Capote in Kansas, Union Station) and more to be announced shortly!

FRIDAY, July 13, 2012

10:00 AM -12:00 PM



WORLD BUILDING and the immaculate reality

The worlds through which our stories weave aren’t cut from whole cloth: we craft them with careful consideration, always aware of what lies behind the curtain and beyond the horizon, aware that these elements inform the focused view of our central story. If we do our jobs right, a simple glance will convince our audiences that the worlds we create seem fully realized and rich with culture and ideas unique to the intentions of our tales. Religion, politics, social structure, science, and history all play into the coloring of the worlds we create; entering into a storytelling relationship with our audience requires a crafted experience that’s considered from all sides, at all times.

Join today’s leading storytellers as we discuss, in this 2-hour workshop environment, just how worlds are born and are set to collide with confidence.

Participating storytellers include STEVE NILES (30 Days of Night, Criminal Macabre, Crime and Terror), CRAIG THOMPSON (Blankets, Hibibi), B. CLAY MOORE (Hawaiian Dick), SCOTT MORSE (Strange Science Fantasy, BRAVE), TED MATHOT (Cora, Rose and Isabel, BRAVE), MARC ANDREYKO (Torso, The Lost), and more to be announced shortly.

Saturday, July 14, 2012

10:00 AM -12:00 PM


For more information:


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Please consider dropping 99 cents on the first chapter (of three) of the Batman story I did with good pal Ben Templesmith:


People seem to be enjoying it, and I know I had a lot of fun writing it and seeing what Ben did with the story.

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Rocketeer Panel at Heroes Con

I’ll be hosting a fun panel in Charlotte this weekend:

Saturday, June 23. 2:00

Room 208AB 

HAPPY BIRTHDAY ROCKETEER— You may be 30 years old but you’re as fresh and exciting a concept as ever.  Join moderator Clay Moore as he discusses the ROCKETEER ADVENTURES Anthology with contributors Laura Martin, Tommy Lee Edwards, Eric Canete, Stephanie Buscema, Tony Harris and Jim Silke.  In addition to Adventures, they will remember creator Dave Stevens and his magnificent art.


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HEROES! (Charlotte) June 22-24


Where will I be at Heroes in Charlotte?:


I promise to have some preview art from killer new projects, as well as a healthy assortment of trades and what have you.

I’ll also be moderating a panel. More details on that when I have them.

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PROJECT COMIC-CON (St. Louis) This Weekend

Project Comic-Con has posted a floor map for their show this weekend (click for a much, much bigger view), which is being held at the Westport Sheraton Lakeside Chalet:

Looks like I’ll be sitting next to my pal and collaborator Jeremy Haun. Lots of good friends will be at the show, including a dollop of Kansas City creators. If you can make it, you really should.

I’ll have trades and a few single issues for sale, and previews of upcoming projects (BATMAN: LEGENDS OF THE DARK KNIGHT DIGITAL, THE FURTHER ADVENTURES OF THE WHISTLING SKULL, THE MID-NITE HOURS, ALOHA HAWAIIAN DICK).

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