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The Mid-Nite Hours

After letting it slip a bit due to other commitments, I’m back at work on THE MID-NITE HOURS, a new book featuring BATTLE HYMN‘s Mid-Nite Hour, in a bit of a different setting. My collaborator is the supremely talented Ben Passmore.

It’s a supernatural, demonic mystery type of thing set following World War II.

Here’s a page from an introductory short story we worked up last year that we’ll probably run online leading up to the book:


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The strip that Ryan Browne and I developed for the DOUBLE ACTION app is called MONSTEROLOGY.

This is the first “cover” (click it!):

More info to come!

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Please check out DOUBLE FEATURE

Tim Seeley and Mike Norton have spearheaded the release of ACTION DOUBLE FEATURE with their initial release, with a dedicated iPad app:

and a downloadable PDF:

And here’s a great, informative review from Comics Alliance:

First of all, the work by Mike and Tim (and Dennis Hopeless and Ross Campbell and Mark Englert and crew) is entertaining as hell, and the little bonus features are boss. But amazing creator Ryan Browne and I will be following shortly, with our own entry in the HORROR DOUBLE FEATURE title.

Here’s a teensy sneak  peek:

For ninety-nine cents, how can it not be worth it?


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