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OLD DOG downloadable PDF/CBR/CBZ


For a limited time, I’m offering the stand alone OLD DOG story from BAD KARMA VOLUME ONE, along with the OLD DOG prose piece from the same book, in PDF, CBR and CBZ formats.

Just send a Paypal payment of at least .99 (99 cents!) to:

And I’ll send you an email link to all three versions of the book.

You’re free to pay more, obviously. But .99 gets you the link. If you’ve already ordered the BAD KARMA hardcover or PDF, the link is free.

Here’s some information and preview art from OLD DOG:


Written by B. Clay Moore
Art and color by Christopher Mitten
Cover by Ben Templesmith
30 pages

Chicago, the roaring twenties: JACKSON (JACK) BOXER was a Chicago detective on a special detail that made him no friends. In a city overrun with corruption, working in a police department as likely to take a bribe as serve a warrant, Boxer was given free rein to investigate this corruption on his own terms. Integral in bringing federal cases against both criminals and cops, Boxer’s career in law enforcement effectively ended when his wife and young son were killed in a suspicious apartment fire. No one was ever charged with the murders, but Boxer took his cue, retiring to a quieter life as an insurance claims investigator.

Los Angeles, 1950: Twenty years later, Boxer has been asked to operate off the books in much the same way for the LA police department. To entice him out of retirement, LA Police CAPTAIN HARRY CAVANAUGH, once a Chicago beat cop, is dangling a bit of information he claims to own: the identities of the crooked cops that murdered Jack Boxer’s family.

Despite initial misgivings, Boxer embarks on one last quest, shotgun at his side, and joined eventually by Cassandra Falcon, a women who came to Los Angeles chasing dreams that soured into nightmares. Cavanaugh holds the ace in the deck as Boxer keeps tags on the department’s shadowy Gangster Squad; the gangsters that work behind the scenes to influence power in the city; and the assorted lowlifes and high livers that populate the LA scene.



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