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November from Image: Hack/Slash Trailers

In an effort to help my pal Tim Seeley keep HACK/SLASH up and running in gruesome style, I wrote something for the second TRAILERS volume, solicited for November.

I’ve seen a few of the stories in this book, and I think you’ll love it, even if you’ve never read HACK/SLASH before:


64 PAGES / FC, $6.99

An all-star cast of comic creators donate ALL-NEW short tales of comicdom’s favorite slasher killers, and all of the proceeds go toward paying off previously stiffed artists! SCOTT ALLIE, J. TORRES, B. CLAY MOORE, GAIL SIMONE, TIM SEELEY and many others unite to tell HACK/SLASH stories—THEIR WAY—in a stand-alone volume that will never be collected in trade!


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The Influence Map

Shane White put out a challenge to create one of these bastards, so I did. There are several key influences I realize that I missed (Mad Magazine! The Chronicles of Narnia! Lloyd Alexander!), but it works (click for a large look):


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A Twitter conversation on script formats and numbered dialogue

Since a bunch of people jumped in, I thought I’d transcribe this late night round table discussion for writers, artists, and those who are curious about such things:

JoshFialkov Got sent a bunch of comic scripts by an editor, and none of them are in the screenplay format I’ve used for years. Am I doing it wrong?

bclaymoore @JoshFialkov I don’t think there is a right or wrong, but a screenplay format has always struck me as unnecessarily complicated.

JoshFialkov @bclaymoore really? With either FInal Draft or Scrivener, it does all the formatting for you. Vs. Doing your own tabs, etc.

JoshFialkov And for those curious, I use a slight variation of the amazing (and free) template made by @antonyjohnston (whom you should follow.)

bclaymoore @JoshFialkov I’ve written screenplays in Final Draft, but what I use for comics just seems to read more easily, to my eyes. Very basic stuff

nickspencer @bclaymoore yeah, I’ll never understand this. I keep my format as simple as I can possibly get away with.

bclaymoore @JoshFialkov I also don’t number dialogue (does anyone now?) and I don’t type dialogue in ALL CAPS.

ChrisSamnee @bclaymoore @JoshFialkov Format doesn’t make much difference to me on the art end but scripts with un-numbered dialog are a pain in my ass.

ChrisSamnee @bclaymoore @JoshFialkov Numbered dialogue is a quick and easy shorthand for your artist to refer to when thumbnailing and pencilling…

ChrisSamnee @bclaymoore @JoshFialkov And it’s also a big help to your editor who, more than likely, is handling the balloon placement.

ivanbrandon @ChrisSamnee i’ve never numbered my dialogue. like 2 years into working at DC i found out they do it on their end.

ivanbrandon @ChrisSamnee i have no idea how to do it. you’d think someone would say something.

andeparks That stupid @jasonaaron told me to number my dialogue once. I did so, and @brubaker wept and told me I was fired. Traumatic.

ChrisSamnee @ivanbrandon Not before it’s sent to the artist… First thing I do when I get a new script is go in and number all the balloons.

JoshFialkov @bclaymoore all of these have numbered dialogue. Letterers out there, does it actually help at all?

JoshFialkov @ivanbrandon @ChrisSamnee I was assuming they’d fill me in when I hit ten years in the industry.

ivanbrandon @ChrisSamnee yeah, dunno, i saw someone doing it. she said: do you number your dialogue? i said: i don’t even think i know what that means.

jerwa @ChrisSamnee @ivanbrandon The guy sitting right here who has always numbered his dialogue suddenly feels overworked. 😉

ChrisSamnee @jerwa If you were here right now I’d high-five you, Jerwa.

bclaymoore @JoshFialkov @ChrisSamnee I’ve had editors number the dialogue, but the only feedback I’ve ever gotten from artists was that it was useless

ChrisSamnee @bclaymoore I do balloon placement at the thumbnail stage. It really helps me sort out the composition/flow of a page. But that’s just me.

andeparks I didn’t number my dialogue in the Capote In Kansas script. As a result, @ChrisSamnee drew the whole thing totally gay.

bclaymoore @ChrisSamnee I wrote a script for you once and you never mentioned it. If you want numbers, ask for them, damn you!

ivanbrandon @ChrisSamnee not a thing writers would ever have occasion to know. i bet 75% of the writers reading have no idea what you’re talking about.

nickspencer @ivanbrandon seriously. how are none of us doing this right?!!

LauraSamnee Uh oh, someone got @ChrisSamnee started on numbering dialogue in scripts.

kmellon @Bclaymoore @chrissamnee @joshfialkov I have to number the balloons. Don’t know that I’d like it if the script came that way, though.

sterlinggates I’ve always numbered my dialogue. For the record. 🙂

mattfraction hulk hogan is wearing dennis rodman’s wardrobe. and skin.


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