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Bloodshot #24 – October

Just solicited online, my first work for Valiant:


Listed here, with lots of other good stuff:


Very honored to be working with Valiant. Warren Simons and crew have assembled an impressive group of talent as they’ve been rebuilding the Valiant Universe, and their success is one of the things that continues to give me hope for the medium.


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A Pair of BCM DC Digital Links

Most of the work I do for DC is of the licensed or “custom” variety, both of which I enjoy quite a bit. But two of my more recent “mainstream” DC stories are always available digitally. Both were a lot of fun to do, and both were exceptionally well received (I could link you to reviews, but that’s a lot of work), so here’s a handy link to both.

First is the “Crisis in Identity” Batman story, from LEGENDS OF THE DARK KNIGHT, with art by the astounding Ben Templesmith. Here’s a sample screen:

 Batman-Zone- 006

And here’s another:

The Dark Knight-Zone- 010

Here’s a link to the first digital issue (which ran in LOTDK 4-6):

(This story was also collected as a single issue in print, as LEGENDS OF THE DARK KNIGHT #2, and then into the first LOTDK trade paperback)


The second story (“Exposed”) appeared in ADVENTURES OF SUPERMAN #38-39, and dealt with perceptions of Superman, sort of. With fantastic art by Gabriel Rodriguez, and color by Alejandro Sanchez. Have a sample:


And another:

Adventures of Superman (2013-) 039-014

Here’s a link to the first digital issue:

(This story was collected as a single issue in print, as ADVENTURES OF SUPERMAN #13)

So feel free to give them a shot!


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