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Scenes From Baltimore


Just got back from an excellent Baltimore Comic-Con. Primarily hung at the Valiant booth, with their top-notch marketing guys.

Bleeding Cool covered the books discussed at the Valiant panel here:


I’m not very good at taking pictures during cons these days, but here are a handful of shots from the weekend, anyway:


Fred Van Lente scowls in front of the SAVAGE banner at the Valiant booth.


This guy came by with original art from a couple of stories I’d done, including a few beautiful pages from a Stingray story Lee Weeks and I did, and some from the Wildcat story Ramon Perez and I did for DC. Very jealous.


Hawaiian Dick cosplay! These guys made a perfect Mo and Byrd, once I realized they were cosplayers and not strangely dressed congoers.


Blackhawk is maybe my all-time favorite DC character/concept. This guy nailed his costume. 


Dinner at the Rusty Scupper with Tony and Stacie Harris and the Aftershock Comics gang: Joe Pruett, Mike Zagari, Paul Jenkins and Lisa Wu.


Lisa Wu took this near the Rusty Scupper. She’s evidently a dog lover. The harbor in the background. Lovely place to hang.


Art from the Valiant panel discussion of SAVAGE.


Saturday around noon. The ticket line.


Working in my room. With a Loose Cannon draw handy (recommended!). The Death Watch Coffee mug was from the con floor. Buy the wicked mug, free refills all weekend of the “World’s Strongest Coffee.”  Well worth it.  

And a badge.


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