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MILES TO GO #1 is out…

…and receiving fantastic reviews! Very gratifying to see so much positive response. Issue one dropped on 9/24. Issue two out in late October.

“This is one of those books where you get to the end of it and realize what a great read it was, that you want more, and that a re-read is necessary right now. ” – The Fandom Post

“‘Miles to Go’ rises above the usual tropes and delivers a suspenseful, smart, and sincere crime story full of pitch perfect characters.” – Multiversity

“Masterful, clean, and attention grabbing. Miles To Go #1 seems like the perfect thriller to usher in the Fall, and I encourage any fan of Crime (with that big ol C) stories to pick this series up before it takes off.” – Comics Bookcase

“Where it all goes after this debut, I seriously have no idea. But, it has me excited and intrigued to find out. That’s the measure of a successful comic, do I want to come back for more? Miles to Go #1 nails that down and then some.” – Graphic Policy

“Once again we see why Aftershock is a go-to publishing house. The writing here is spectacular and the interiors are gorgeous. Did you get yours?” – Reading with a Flight Ring

“Based on just this one issue, it seems like it’s going to be an incredible ride. It did what great comics are supposed to do; it left me wanting more.” – Scoop at

“A synopsis of Miles to Go may make someone mistake it for a more generic story of sordid pasts and redemption, but the characters we’ve met so far do wonders to break the series apart from others.” – Comicbook.com8

Here’s a look at the covers for MILES TO GO #2 (out at the end of October!). Standard cover by co-creator Stephen Molnar, and a variant by Jeremy Haun:


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