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Okay, then. Wichita in November

Well, Wizard has postponed Wizard World Springfield until late 2018, so I’ve decided to attend Air Capital Comiccon in Wichita, Kansas the weekend of November 11-12.


Wichita is the closest thing to a hometown I suppose I have, and I don’t spend enough time there these days, so it’ll be nice to get back. Here’s hoping the weather is friendly:




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The SAVAGE trade paperback is scheduled to drop in late April. In case you missed the solicitation, behold:



Written by B. CLAY MOORE

Fifteen years ago, the world’s most famous soccer star and his former supermodel wife – pregnant with their unborn child – disappeared without a trace. The world believes they are dead… But, in reality, their private jet crash-landed on a mysterious, unknown island ruled by prehistoric creatures from another time…

This is the story of how they lost their humanity.

Acclaimed writer B. Clay Moore (Hawaiian Dick), and explosive artists Clayton Henry (Archer & Armstrong) and Lewis LaRosa (Bloodshot Reborn) present a relentless epic of survival in a cold-blooded land ruled by instinct alone in the must-read debut of Valiant’s next major hero!

Collecting SAVAGE #1-4.

$9.99 | 128 pgs. | T+ | $9.99
TRADE PAPERBACK | ISBN: 978-1-68215-189-1



In the meantime, if you happen to be in Manhattan, Kansas on Saturday, March 18th, drop into the K-State Student Union for the second Little Apple Comic Expo.

I’ll be there hanging with my fellow Bad Karmites, Alex Grecian, Seth Peck and Jeremy Haun. And we won’t be the only ones:


Should be a good time.

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Scenes From Baltimore


Just got back from an excellent Baltimore Comic-Con. Primarily hung at the Valiant booth, with their top-notch marketing guys.

Bleeding Cool covered the books discussed at the Valiant panel here:


I’m not very good at taking pictures during cons these days, but here are a handful of shots from the weekend, anyway:


Fred Van Lente scowls in front of the SAVAGE banner at the Valiant booth.


This guy came by with original art from a couple of stories I’d done, including a few beautiful pages from a Stingray story Lee Weeks and I did, and some from the Wildcat story Ramon Perez and I did for DC. Very jealous.


Hawaiian Dick cosplay! These guys made a perfect Mo and Byrd, once I realized they were cosplayers and not strangely dressed congoers.


Blackhawk is maybe my all-time favorite DC character/concept. This guy nailed his costume. 


Dinner at the Rusty Scupper with Tony and Stacie Harris and the Aftershock Comics gang: Joe Pruett, Mike Zagari, Paul Jenkins and Lisa Wu.


Lisa Wu took this near the Rusty Scupper. She’s evidently a dog lover. The harbor in the background. Lovely place to hang.


Art from the Valiant panel discussion of SAVAGE.


Saturday around noon. The ticket line.


Working in my room. With a Loose Cannon draw handy (recommended!). The Death Watch Coffee mug was from the con floor. Buy the wicked mug, free refills all weekend of the “World’s Strongest Coffee.”  Well worth it.  

And a badge.

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BCM in Baltimore

Friends –

I’ll be joining the Valiant Comics crew in Baltimore at Baltimore Comic-Con from September 2-4.


I’ll be sitting in on the Future of Valiant Comics panel with the (quite terrific) Fred Van Lente at 1:30 on Saturday (prime time, kids!), and signing at the Valiant booth off and on.

So please come buy with your DICK or assorted BCM books and say hey.

Obviously, we’ll be talking lots of SAVAGE:


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Valiant’s SAVAGE/Last ALOHA/Planet

Today at the second Valiant Summit in New York City, Valiant Entertainment announced a new book I’ve been working on for some time, SAVAGE.


Here’s a look at a Lewis LaRosa SAVAGE cover:


For more info, I chatted with Chase Magnett about the book here:


Additionally, Image has released their August solicitations, which include this:


Catch me with the BAD KARMA gang this weekend at Planet Comicon, and we can chat about all of this stuff.



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2016 Convention Season


The con season starts for me in early February in Cedar Rapids, Iowa. Childhood stomping grounds.

For an up-to-date listing of con appearances, head to this page:

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NYCC news and…an interview (Ben 10?)



The entire Bad Karma crew will be in New York in a couple of weeks for the New York Comic Con, staked out in Artist’s Alley at tables W10-W13. In addition to copies of the BAD KARMA VOLUME ONE book, we’ll have merchandise on sale, host a panel on Thursday, and offer a couple of con exclusives:






In other news, I contributed to a BEN 10 OMNIVERSE Halloween book that will drop as part of Halloween Comicfest on October 26th, from Viz.  Diamond interviewed me about the story, and about my Halloween experiences in general:

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Tucson Comic Con: Nov. 3-4

Tony Harris and I will both be at the Tucson Comic Con on November 3 and 4th, chatting up the WHISTLING SKULL, and whatnot. PLEASE drop by if you’re in the area!

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Tr!ckster Symposia in San Diego

Heading to San Diego Thursday morning, and one of the things I’m most looking forward to is contributing to Tr!ckster once again. This year I’ll be participating in two separate writing symposia, one on Friday morning from ten to noon, and the other on Saturday. I’ll also surely be hanging out at Tr!ckster through much of the show.

Last year, these events were truly inspiring, with fantastic back and forth between enthusiastic creators and attendees.

This year we’ll be covering two topics that I’m passionate about:


CHARACTER DEVELOPMENT and the shaping of emotion

“Character” is often considered the core of storytelling. In the telling of finite tales we experience characters growing and learning before our eyes, changing world views and making life-altering decisions that resonate with us on a basic human level, while in episodic stories, it’s the characters that lay the consistent groundwork to help us explore new situations with a steady anchor. What makes “character” tick is a layering of designed, deliberate choices by a storyteller. Broad acting and charming dialogue are the product of what lies beneath the surface of any character: inner turmoil, unspoken hopes and dreams, and conflict.

Join a cadre of today’s top storytellers in this unique 2-hour discussion workshop designed to bolster the craft of creating unique characters from the ground up.

Participating storytellers include ED BRUBAKER (Fatale, Criminal), MATT WAGNER (Grendel, Mage), JIMMY PALMIOTTI (Creator-Owned Heroes, The Pro), B. CLAY MOORE (Hawaiian Dick), IVAN BRANDON (Viking, The Cross Bronx), SCOTT MORSE (Strange Science Fantasy, BRAVE), MARC ANDREYKO (Torso, The Lost), ANDE PARKS (Capote in Kansas, Union Station) and more to be announced shortly!

FRIDAY, July 13, 2012

10:00 AM -12:00 PM



WORLD BUILDING and the immaculate reality

The worlds through which our stories weave aren’t cut from whole cloth: we craft them with careful consideration, always aware of what lies behind the curtain and beyond the horizon, aware that these elements inform the focused view of our central story. If we do our jobs right, a simple glance will convince our audiences that the worlds we create seem fully realized and rich with culture and ideas unique to the intentions of our tales. Religion, politics, social structure, science, and history all play into the coloring of the worlds we create; entering into a storytelling relationship with our audience requires a crafted experience that’s considered from all sides, at all times.

Join today’s leading storytellers as we discuss, in this 2-hour workshop environment, just how worlds are born and are set to collide with confidence.

Participating storytellers include STEVE NILES (30 Days of Night, Criminal Macabre, Crime and Terror), CRAIG THOMPSON (Blankets, Hibibi), B. CLAY MOORE (Hawaiian Dick), SCOTT MORSE (Strange Science Fantasy, BRAVE), TED MATHOT (Cora, Rose and Isabel, BRAVE), MARC ANDREYKO (Torso, The Lost), and more to be announced shortly.

Saturday, July 14, 2012

10:00 AM -12:00 PM


For more information:

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PROJECT COMIC-CON (St. Louis) This Weekend

Project Comic-Con has posted a floor map for their show this weekend (click for a much, much bigger view), which is being held at the Westport Sheraton Lakeside Chalet:

Looks like I’ll be sitting next to my pal and collaborator Jeremy Haun. Lots of good friends will be at the show, including a dollop of Kansas City creators. If you can make it, you really should.

I’ll have trades and a few single issues for sale, and previews of upcoming projects (BATMAN: LEGENDS OF THE DARK KNIGHT DIGITAL, THE FURTHER ADVENTURES OF THE WHISTLING SKULL, THE MID-NITE HOURS, ALOHA HAWAIIAN DICK).

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