The Windy City Comicon

Some of the KC area crew (myself, Kevin Mellon, Dennis Hopeless, Alex Grecian, maybe Ande Parks, maybe Seth Peck, maybe Jeremy Haun?) will be driving across Missouri and Illinois this September to attend the 2009 Windy City Comicon: .

And the guest list is full of good friends and collaborators: J. Torres (with whom I first “broke in” to comics), Brian Hurtt (with whom I did one of my first ever signings), Mike Norton (whom I’ve known for about a decade now), Chris Samnee (Bluejacket collaborator), Tony Moore (whose kitchen was a favorite hangout in his KC days), Shane White (who handled a HAWAIIAN DICK backup and with whom I’m developing a dark new superhero one-shot), Steve Bryant (who’s working on a DICK backup as I type), Robbi Rodriguez (whom I discovered swaddled in rags in a cardboard KFC bucket on the Tex-Mex border when he was just a baby), Tim Seeley, Cullen Bunn, Chris Burnham, Chris Mitten, Andy Kuhn, Matt Kindt,  Hilary Barta, the legendary Pat Loika…the list goes on.

J. Torres

Tony Moore

Cullen Bunn

Brian Hurtt

Thanks to Chris Neseman and the Around Comics crew for working hard to get us to the show. As of now, it looks like we’ll be making a stop in St. Louis on the way, and then arrive in Chicago for a Friday signing. But more on that later…

Tim Seeley
Mike Norton

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